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Power Generation

Design, construction and implementation of complete installation concepts for gas / steam / hybrid turbines and wind power plants.

Power Generation

Power Generation / intern

Dimensioning, design and implementation of package concepts for gas-/steam/ or hybrid turbines, as well as wind powerstations. Planning of oil and coolant systems, including piping layouts. Coverage of necessary FE and CFD analysis. Examination of rotor dynamics and vibration effects. Application of API, ASME and DIN-standards. Design2Cost: considering material, production process and assembly criteria.

Our Services for Design and Development

  • Concepts, research and development, as well as detail engineering
  • Development of complete product structures, including modularer criteria
  • Design2Cost (production cost optimization of different product families. Examination of material optimization, manufaturing optimization, part diversity and possible part reusablity. Goals: cost reduction, increase of competitive potential and capazities, creation of outstanding features)
  • New design of complete type series (e.g. guidebladecarrier, exhaustcasing, high and lowpressure casings, nozzles, valves, bladerings, bearings and shafts)

Our Services for FEA

  • Structural Simulation for All Components
  • CFD Flow Analysis
  • Modal Analysis, Transportation Loads and Earthquake Scenarios
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Rotordynamics
  • Analysis of Support and Mounting Assemblies, As Well As Baseplates
  • Casing Analysis for All Pressure Ranges
  • Analysis of Riveted Connections
  • Coupling Analysis
  • Documentation and Presentation of Results and Methods
  • FE Mesh Generation for Other Applications

Other Services

  • Software development for design and manufacturing (process optimization purposes)
  • Software solutions (DyConcept Toolkit)
  • Process validation
  • On site service and contracts


Our competences